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Leader and Leadership Sessions: Medical Students
Session TitleWhoPurposeLeadership Framework Focus
Introduction and Overview of LeadershipMS1To introduce principles and types of leadership and to have students discuss leadership experiencesCh, Cp, Cx, Cm, P, I, T, O
Emotional Intelligence and PersonalityMS1To discuss emotional intelligence relevant to leadership and introduce personalityCh, Cp, Cm,
P, I
Patient ExperienceMS1To experience medicine and leadership from patient's perspective Cp, Cm,
P, I
Film and LeadershipMS1To learn and discuss leadership in medical and military settingsCh, Cp, Cx, Cm, I, T
Personality and LeadershipMS1To discuss personality relevant to leadershipCh, Cp, Cm,
P, I
Leadership Challenge CourseMS1To perform as a team of leaders and followersCp, Cx, Cm,
Roles of Context and OrganizationMS1To discuss leadership at the organizational levelCx, Cm,
T, O
Effective CommunicationMS1To learn and practice effective communication skills and techniquesCh, Cp, Cm,
P, I, T
Informational and Decision BriefingsMS1To practice communicating clearly and effectively Cp, Cx, Cm,
P, I
Crisis Communication and PerformanceMS1To learn and practice effective communication in stressful and crisis situationsCx, Cm,
P, I, T
Understanding PatientsMS1To foster compassion for the patient and an understanding of the competencies required for success in careCp, Cx,
I, T
Self-Assessment of Leadership ElementsMS2To discuss value of self-assessment to improve leadershipCh, Cp, Cx, Cm, P
Leadership in Historical Context MS2To examine leadership lessons in an actual historic military medical eventCp, Cx, Cm,
T, O
Leaders, Managers, FollowersMS2To discuss follower types and distinction with Managers and LeadersCh, Cp, Cx, Cm,
P, I, T
Peer SupportMS2To discuss value of peer input to develop as leadersCh, Cp, Cx, Cm, P, I, T
Team BuildingMS2To discuss key elements for effective teamsCh, Cp, Cx, Cm, T
Clerkship Sessions (multiple)MS2/3To develop professional identity; Interprofessional team building; Clinical leadership: lessons learnedCh, Cp, Cx, Cm, P, I, T
Team Performance under StressMS3To discuss and practice teamwork under stressCh, Cp, Cx, Cm, I, T
Cross-Cultural CommunicationMS3To discuss the importance of understanding different cultures for communicationCh, Cp, Cx, Cm, P, I, T, O
Advanced Role-Based LeadershipMS4To discuss self, peer, and team-based leadership assessment in medical field simulationsCh, Cp, Cx, Cm, P, I, T, O
Operational and Strategic Public CommunicationMS4To understand the tactical, operational, and strategic dimension of medical leadership; Learn and practice communication to the publicCh, Cp, Cx, Cm, P, I, T, O
Medical Field SimulationMS4To practice leadership practice in field settings: application of the leadership assessment toolsCh, Cp, Cx, Cm, P, I, T, O