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Research and Development

Current projects and brief information regarding ongoing USU LEAD research is detailed below.


Bushmaster Research Activities Group (BRAG):  multidisciplinary team examining relationship of individual characteristics and academic performance of USU medical students with various elements of leadership performance in military medical field exercise

  • BRAG I:  Several years of Interviews, demographics, GPA, National Board Step 1 & 2 Scores, faculty ratings of student performance at Bushmaster exercise
    • Patient Perception at Bushmaster:  evaluation of medical student communication performance from patient perspective (first  year medical students)
    • BRAG II:  Bushmaster-FourCe-PITO evaluation tool analyzed for internal psychometrics; used to evaluate LEAD program
  • Development of leadership assessment tool
  • Military Medical Leadership Assessment (MMLA) for faculty to evaluate students (MAJ Matthew Moosey Doctoral Research Project)
  • Validate and refine MMLA for faculty use to evaluate students
  • Expand MMLA for peer assessment and self-assessment


  • Humor and leadership:  assessment of humor in FourCe-PITO Framework (especially Communication and Context) for patient care and leadership effectiveness
  • Gender and leadership:  examination of how gender relates to FourCe-PITO framework (especially Character and Context) and how to optimize leadership effectiveness considering gender
  • Millenials and leadership:  investigation of how generational differences (especially Millenials, Gen X, Babyboomers) affect leadership performance (especially Competence and Character) and reactions to leaders