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The University’s Board of Regents (Board) is a Federal Advisory Committee, under the authority of 10 U.S.C. § 2113a, and is composed of 15 members, appointed or designated as follows:

  • Nine persons outstanding in the fields of health care, higher education administration, or public policy, who shall be appointed from civilian life by the Department of Defense Appointing Authorities
  • The Secretary of Defense, or his or her designee, who shall be an ex-officio member
  • The Surgeons General of the Uniformed Services, who shall be ex-officio members
  • The President of the University, who shall be a non-voting, ex-officio

The Board provides advice and recommendations on academic and administrative matters critical to the full accreditation and successful operation of the University. All members of the Board are appointed to provide advice on the basis of their best judgment without representing any particular point of view and in a manner that is free from conflict of interest.

Additional committee information, such as membership, outcomes, and archived documents, may be found on the Federal Advisory Committee Act database.


Chair, Board of Regents

Dr. Jonathan Woodson

The Honorable Jonathan Woodson, MD

Major General, U.S. Army Reserve


Institute for Health System Innovation and Policy

Boston University

Commanding General

U.S. Army Reserve Medical Command