Student Training


Photo Collage

The Photography Branch provides professional photographic services, including patient photography in a clinical setting, gross specimen photography for pathology and anatomy studies, documentation of research projects, and coverage of University events for public affairs programs. Services include custom printing, digital image enhancement, as well as traditional slide duplication, flat art copy, small object studio subjects, and portraiture services.

Photography Branch products include, but are not limited to:

  • Patient Photography in a Clinical Setting
  • Photo Documentation of Research Processes
    • Stained gels
    • Western blots
    • Autoradiographs
    • Petri dishes
    • Gross specimen
  • Location Photography
    • Environmental portraits
    • Laboratory procedures/techniques
    • Group photos
  • Ceremonial Photos
    • Awards
    • Promotions
    • Retirements
  • Studio
    • Portraiture
    • Official service photos
    • Official passport photos (must have orders)
    • Inanimate object setups
    • Digital image manipulation
    • Digital print output
    • Photo restoration
  • Scanning
    • Flat art or copywork
    • X-rays or CTs
    • Film scanning
  • Digital Imaging
    • Digital image manipulation
    • Digital print output