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The Education & Technology Innovation Support Office (ETI) is made up of instructional designers and media developers who work with faculty on traditional classroom teaching, general curriculum and course design, and the use of distributed learning (DL) environments. Think of us as your personal teaching consultants.

We promote innovation in many ways: we partner with faculty and staff members to design or redesign courses and course materials for use in online environments, aid in developing strategies and tools for assessment and evaluation, provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, assist other USU support organizations that are trying to integrate technology systems, and partner with other institutions to enable USU to apply and advance best practices in medical education.

Members of the ETI team have specialized knowledge of a variety of educational topics including methods and techniques, learning theories and practices, assessment and evaluation, media development and integration, and student engagement strategies. The ETI is an experienced group of professionals who are ready to collaborate with you to:

  • Enrich teaching and learning.
  • Design and develop materials for new or existing courses.
  • Develop small or large group learning activities.
  • Explore ways to engage learners and support learning outcomes.
  • Evaluate learning activities to ensure they meet teaching goals.
  • Create innovative media for courses.




Please reach out so we can help bring your idea into reality.




Our experienced and innovative team is ready to help you design and develop a wide variety of educational resources for both the classroom and the distributed learning (DL) environment. Some of our most frequently used services include:

  • Course / Lesson Review
  • Syllabus Review
  • Case-based Activity and Interactive Media Development
  • DL Course and Course Material Development and Tool and Technique Use
  • Educational Game Planning and Implementation
  • Instructional Technique Planning and Implementation
  • Remediation Design and Development
  • Small Group Activities
  • Consultation
  • Evaluation and Assessment Support
  • Research on the Implementation of Instructional Techniques


We maintain a video production studio with state of the art video recording equipment available by appointment to all USU faculty members. We can help you punch up your existing online media, present your lecture from a different location, and take your online presentations to the next level.


Working with the ETI team takes on many different forms. It can range from a one hour consultation where we review your syllabus or Canvas site for alignment of content and objectives, to a longer term project where we collaborate with you to develop a course. Below are sample timelines for different types of projects.


ETI timeline fast
  1. Schedule a meeting and provide materials to ETI (1 day)
  2. ETI reviews materials (1-5 days)
  3. Meet to discuss ideas and suggestions (1 day)

(Note: in some cases you could do all of this in 48 hours depending on the extent of the content and available ETI time and resources)



ETI team members working on a course could include the following roles: instructional designers, graphic artists, animators, medical illustrators, technical developers. Members of the team normally work on multiple projects at one time; contact the ETI ( to discuss available time and resources.

Below is a more detailed full course development process. In some cases content or features desired for a course could affect the process and the timeline.

  1. Faculty and ETI plan project and consider delivery options; ETI reviews preliminary content (1-2 weeks)
  2. Faculty provide final content and brainstorm on media decisions (2-6 weeks)
  3. ETI develops storyboard(s) or draft treatment(s) (3-12 weeks)
  4. Faculty review (1 week)
  5. ETI develops instructional materials (learning activities, courseware, media, etc) (2-10 weeks)
  6. Faculty approval (1 week)
  7. Delivery

The following graphic provides insights into the more detailed full course development process.  It highlights ETI’s course development process and the approximate time needed to work with the ETI on course development. In some cases content or features desired for a course could affect the process and the timeline. Course development is just one of many ways the ETI team can work with faculty to provide support.

ETI timelinelg1