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The Education & Technology Innovation (ETI) Support Office


The ETI is made up of instructional designers and media developers who work with faculty on traditional classroom teaching, general curriculum and course design, and the use of distributed learning (DL) environments. Think of us as your personal teaching consultants.

The ETI promotes innovation in many ways: consulting with faculty about teaching, facilitating conversations about learning, and offering opportunities for exploring new instructional strategies and techniques.  

With the ETI, you will find an experienced group of professionals who are ready to collaborate with you to:

  • Enrich teaching and learning
  • Design and develop materials for new or existing courses
  • Develop small or large group learning activities
  • Explore ways to engage learners and support learning outcomes
  • Evaluate learning activities to ensure they meet teaching goals
  • Create innovative media for courses.

Members of the ETI team have specialized knowledge of a variety of educational topics including methods and techniques, learning theories and practices, assessment and evaluation, media development and integration, and student engagement strategies.

What’s in your idea book?  

Contact the ETI ( to find out ways we can help bring your idea book into reality.  


2021 Teaching with Technology Brown Bags 

April 29 at noon

- Dr. Dina Kurzweil, ETI


Education and Technology Innovation