Mission Statement

The ETI Support Office partners with USU faculty and staff to plan and implement the use of innovative technologies and educational techniques in ways that advance the educational mission of USU.  The instructional design and educational technology specialists at the ETI help faculty and staff identify appropriate and effective ways to engage students and enable them to take an active role in learning. 

The ETI team designs instructional strategies and develops educational technology for use in classroom-based and DL courses, partners with faculty and staff members to design or redesign courses and course materials for use in online environments, aids in developing strategies and tools for assessment and evaluation, provides professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, assists other USU support organizations that are trying to integrate technology systems in order to support and enhance the student, faculty and staff experience at USU, conducts and disseminates research, and can partner with other institutions to enable USU to apply and advance best practices in education.

History of the ETI

In the summer and fall of 2006, the Ad Hoc Academic Computing Committee (ACC) at USU produced a report entitled “A Vision for Academic Support at USU,” which included findings that faculty at USU would benefit from an organization that could provide support in the development of teaching materials as well as teaching practices.

USU established the ETI in the fall of 2006 to support its efforts in using technology to enhance resident student learning, meet the needs of learners who are not located on campus (such as students in clerkships and residencies), and expand the reach of USU's programs.

The ETI was established under the guidance of Captain Jane Mead, who was then the Director of Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals (CHE), and Dr. Dale Smith, who was then the Interim Senior Vice President of USUHS.

ETI Directors:

  • 2006 - CAPT Jane Mead
  • 2006-2008 - Dr. Dale Smith
  • 2008-2010 - BG (ret.) William Bester
  • 2010-2016 - Dr. Dale Smith
  • 2016-Present - Dr. Dina Kurzweil