fOR Fire or Medical Emergencies- Dial 777 or 911 (from campus landline)   or   (301) 295-1246 (from cellphone)

USU Security: (301) 295-3038/39  |  Environmental Health & Occupational Safety (301) 295-9444  |  University Information line (800) 515-5257


Civilian Contacts

Hostile or Abusive Workplace / Discrimination or Sexual Harassment

  • Polly Saddler, EEO Director: (301) 295-9732


Substance Abuse

  • Carla Adams, USU HR Specialist: (301) 319-0438

Military Contacts

Hostile or Abusive Workplace / Discrimination or Sexual Harassment

  • LT Andrew Neville, EO Officer: (301) 295-1953


Substance Abuse

  • HM1 Brent Adkins, Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor:  (301) 295-1195
  • Military One Source:  (800) 342-9647 or Military One Source Website (Counselors available 24/7)
  • University Family Health Center: (301) 295-3630


Sexual Assault and Prevention Response

  • DoD SAFE helpline number (1-877-995-5247 or Text 55247)
  • 24/7 SAPR VA duty phone (301-442-8225)
  • 24/7 SARC Duty phone (301-442-2053)


Contractor Contacts

Hostile or Abusive Workplace / Discrimination or Sexual Harassment

  • Contractors should contact their employers


Substance Abuse

  • Employee Assistance Program: (800) 327-2251 (Confidential)


USU Security

AFRRI Building 42
(301) 295-3033
FAX (301) 295-1901

After Hours Emergencies

Contact the USU Security Guard Force at (301) 295-3038 or (301) 295-3039



Dear USU Colleagues:

Helping to keep members of the USU community safe and secure is a high priority. Doing so entails a commitment to emergency preparedness.  Each member of our community is responsible for taking reasonable measures to prepare him- or herself for an emergency.  Individual preparedness is a fundamental step in meeting our commitment to fellow students, faculty and staff members.

I hope all of you will take the time to familiarize yourself with our plans  and procedures. Protecting the safety and security of our university community is a responsibility we can only fulfill by working together.  I am committed to joining with you in our efforts to meet that shared responsibility.

Richard W. Thomas, MD, DDS 


Procedures and Training


Helpful Links


Have a Concern?

The Uniformed Services University Inspector General (USU IG) is an independent and objective university function.

It conducts inquiries following student, staff and faculty input that may hinder the continuation of a safe and supportive campus environment for personal and professional growth and success. These include but are not limited to:

  • Sexual Abuse,
  • Hostile Work Environment,
  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Command Managed Equal Opportunity,
  • Prevention and detection of fraud, waste, or other abuses in University programs, research or routine operations.

The USU IG also supports the DoD Hotline and the University President’s Open Door Program, both links can be found on the Accreditation and Organizational Assessment website.

Let us know.

USU Inspector General Hotline Phone: (301) 295-0380


Dr. Rebecca Jaworski

(301) 295-0380