Curated Teaching Tips

Looking for information about teaching techniques and best practices? Can’t seem to decide which resources are better than others?  Look no further. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to!

ETI team members have reviewed the websites of a variety of higher education institutions, not for profit groups, and scientific foundations to find research-based guides to effective teaching practice. Based on that review we have developed  a curated list of teaching tips on topics that are most fundamental to teaching in higher education. This list provides overviews of core teaching concepts along with links to other sites that explain these topics in more detail. Whether you are a first-time faculty member or a department chair, these resources can help you reflect on teaching and create more effective learning experiences.

Most teaching tips are applicable to both face-to-face and distributed learning (DL) environments. However, in some cases we have called out special considerations for DL teaching.

Click the topic links to explore the curated resources. If you don’t find what you need, or if you see something that you would like to discuss further, contact ETI ( and we will work with you individually.

  • Course Design
    • Teaching Tips: Bloom’s Taxonomy and Developing Objective
    • Teaching Tips: Designing a Syllabus


  • Teaching Methods
    • Teaching Tips: Direct Instruction
    • Teaching Tips: Flipping the Classroom
    • Teaching Tips: Active Learning


  • Assessment
    • Teaching Tips: Assessment Strategies
    • Teaching Tips: Classroom Assessment Techniques