Service/Social Groups

Specialty Interest GROUPS


Anesthesiology Interest Group

The Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG) is a partnership between the SOM students and the Anesthesia Department, and, by extension, the military anesthesia community. They serve as a resource for students interested in Anesthesiology and students who are considering Anesthesiology among other options, with the objective of helping the student discover which specialty fits them best. The group is a resource for Anesthesia knowledge and skills relevant to all military physicians, including airway management, resuscitation, clinical pharmacology, critical care, venous access, medicine in austere environments, and perioperative medicine. AIG is one of many addresses at which any student can seek mentoring for almost any purpose, and can arrange speakers for meetings, arrange flexible shadowing and early clinical exposure and match faculty up with students who need mentoring for any reason, at any time during the curriculum.


The CHCIG consists of students interested in learning about healthcare in underserved communities and in learning/utilizing their medical Spanish. They work alongside physicians and other healthcare professionals and support services such as nursing, social work, outreach work, teen centers, etc. in order to learn about the health care systems and interprofessional collaboration.


Dermatology Interest Group

The Dermatology Interest Group strives to provide students interested in dermatology with the most up to date and relevant information regarding residencies and sub-specialties within the field. A shadowing program is available for those wanting to observe dermatologists at work, and a variety of dermatologists are invited to speak about their career choice, family life, and day to day work routine. Meetings are held a couple of times a year.




The ENT Interest Group provides students interested in pursuing a career in otolaryngology with the latest and most pertinent information about the residency and the career options that are available. A shadowing program will be created for those wanting first-hand exposure to the specialty and the latest techniques. Skills labs and demonstrations of the latest surgical technology will also be held at either USU or WRNMMC. Members will have the opportunity to attend lectures from physicians within the field about their subspecialties, career tracks, family life, and the application process.


Emergency Medicine Interest Group

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) fosters interest in the medical specialty of emergency medicine. With regular meetings, EMIG discusses relevant topics in emergent care focused on paralleling real medicine with that which is learned in USU classes by utilizing EM physicians, journal articles and students' experiences. The group also sponsors a program whereby students may shadow an emergency medicine physician to see the specialty in action.





Family Medicine Interest Group

The Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) serves the interests of USU students with respect to community service, career development, and medical education. Activities and events increase exposure to the specialty of family medicine, a discipline which stresses the comprehensive and continuous care of patients and their families. The club is an affiliate of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and the Uniformed Services Academy of Family Physicians (USAFP). Through community activities and department workshops, members learn about the diverse field of family medicine, its residency programs, and the challenges facing future primary care physicians. Meetings and programs occur throughout the year, and more information on individual programs can be found on their Facebook.


The Global Health Interest Group (GHIG) is a student-run group designed to foster an interest in global health and development among the USU community. GHIG not only offers its members access to scientific and operational knowledge, but also offers students a channel to communicate and connect with a wide range of global health experts.


The Infectious Diseases Interest Group serves as a way to foster an interest in infectious diseases from both a military and civilian perspective for medical students. We offer talks from professors, researchers, and scientists with perspective on infectious disease research and practice in the military. We also offer tours of local infectious disease research facilities such as the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) and meet with researchers at these facilities to discuss military infectious disease research and current trials being conducted.


Integrative Medicine Interest Group

The Integrative Medicine Interest Group explores interdisciplinary modalities that can complement the skills and knowledge of an allopathic physician to augment the practice of optimal medicine. Topics cover massage, osteopathy, aromatherapy, nutrition, yoga, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, and tai chi. The group periodically invites practitioners to speak on their area of expertise and provide our members with insight into a wide variety of complementary and alternative approaches to treating our patients. Skills labs are also held to give members the opportunity to learn a hands-on approach from the position of both the practitioner and the patient.


Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) brings together senior faculty members and students to learn about internal medicine careers, lifestyles, and gratification. The group meets once or twice a month for discussions led by military internists, interactive clinical scenarios, and clinical workshops. The group also arranges for interested students to make rounds with doctors in hospitals, and to identify a mentor to help guide your future in internal medicine. For those interested and motivated students, research opportunities are also available. No dues; everyone welcome!




The Neurology Interest Group provides information on opportunities available in the field of neurology; furthers neurologic knowledge of medical students; and provides opportunities to participate in activities related to neurology: research, shadowing, etc.


The OB/GYN Interest Group meets monthly to learn more about the specialty and to explore women's health care issues in general. Guest speakers are invited to discuss relevant OB/GYN topics, deployment opportunities as an OB/GYN, current women's health issues, OB/GYN as a primary care specialty, and residency opportunities. Pre-clerkship members have an opportunity to get hands-on clinical experiences by shadowing at the Labor and Delivery ward at WRNMMC, have the opportunity to participate in the new student-patient partnership program, and can also become involved in many surgical shadowing opportunities. Anyone wishing to explore their interest in caring for the female patient is encouraged to attend. No dues.


Operational Medicine Interest Group

The Operational Medicine Interest Group assists medical students in gaining exposure to and information about opportunities to practice medicine within the Operational Medicine Communities of the various services. The OMIG facilitates training opportunities, provides guest speakers, and serves as an operational medicine information source for the USU community.





The Ophthalmology Interest Group (OPIG) is a community of students interested in pursuing ophthalmology. The group provides a forum in which ophthalmologists on faculty and staff can share their knowledge, experience, and professional interests with students. All students at USU are eligible for membership


The Orthopaedic Interest group provides students who are interested in the field of Orthopaedics exposure and access to this surgical subspecialty early on in their medical school careers. Unique opportunities for members include small group lectures given by orthopaedic attending or resident physicians immediately followed by shadowing in the OR, sawbone labs to allow students to practice surgical technique using orthopaedic instrumentation, and individual opportunities for research. In addition to these hands on learning experiences, the group strives to hold monthly meetings with physicians from different subspecialties within Orthopaedics to provide an encompassing view of this great field.


The Pathology Interest Group informs students about careers in Pathology while teaching them skills that will be helpful in medical school and beyond. The group is intended for all medical students, not just those who have a long-term interest in pathology. The group meets once a month, schedules permitting. There are no dues.


Pediatric Interest Group

The Pediatric Interest Group provides students with information about a possible career in military pediatrics. The group sponsors monthly lunch meetings, plans several community service projects, offers mentoring opportunities with staff pediatricians, coordinates research experiences, and encourages collaboration with other student interest groups.






The PM&R interest group provides opportunities to USU students through mentorship, educational presentations, and one-on-one shadowing of physicians within the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Students will participate in MSK ultrasound labs, tour through the TBI and Amputee clinics, and learn about interventional pain management.






The Preventive Medicine Interest Group meets periodically to learn more about the specialty and to explore issues in public health and the prevention of disease. Guest speakers are invited to discuss relevant and current preventive medicine and health promotion topics, including international health, operational medicine, outbreak investigations, disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, health policy and advocacy, and more. Specialty training and career opportunities in preventive, occupational, and aerospace medicine are included. Pre-clerkship student members are encouraged to recognize the impact of preventing disease in both military and civilian populations. Anyone wishing to explore their interest in practicing preventive medicine and applying preventive medicine strategies to any other medical discipline is encouraged to attend. No dues.

Progress Notes Literary Review

Student Progress Notes Literary Review

Progress Notes is a peer-reviewed literary journal from federally-sponsored healthcare students in a wide array of degree programs. The review includes fiction, reflective writing, poetry, and visual art and aims to provide a forum for students' artistic expression as a way to support personal and professional growth.

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Psychiatry Interest Group

The Psychiatry Interest Group raises awareness of, and fosters an interest in all areas of Psychiatry. The group holds monthly meetings, movie night discussions, physician shadowing and mentorship, and offers opportunities to present at national conferences. All USU students, including Psychology PhD, SOM, & GSN students are welcome to join.





The purpose of the Radiology Interest Group is to inform students about all the different career paths in Radiology, including diagnostic radiology, radiology oncology, and interventional radiology. We host general information meetings, as well as tours of various radiology departments at WRNMMC. The group is intended for all medical students. There are no dues - all that is required is interest and/or curiosity! There is no set schedule, but medical students will be given notification of RIG events via email.


Students Interested in Nutrition Group

The Students Interested in Nutrition Group (STING) facilitates the nutritional knowledge and experiences of USU medical students in order to promote and emphasize the importance of nutrition in personal and family health, as well as in clinical practice.  The group specifically advocates for improvements in nutrition across USU, WRNMMC, other organizations within the DoD, and local area community. STING members aim to obtain the nutritional knowledge and skills through experiences organized by the group to effectively incorporate in all aspects of person, space, and clinical practice.




Surgery Interest group

The Surgery Interest group provides students interested in pursuing a career in surgery with the latest and most pertinent information about residencies and sub-specialties within the field. A shadowing program is available for those wanting to see surgeons at work, and a variety of surgeons are invited to speak about their specialties, career tracks, and family life. Opportunities are also available to learn some basic surgical skills and techniques as well as volunteer in the community. Meetings and skills labs are held every month.


Club Sports Groups

Sports and recreation groups are either members of local/regional recreation leagues (Hockey North America, Washington Area Frisbee Club), affiliated with leagues sponsored by military Morale, Welfare, and Recreation facilities (Co-Ed Basketball, Flag Football), or independently run by USU students, faculty, and staff (Bike Club, Running Club, Swim Club, etc).