Our leadership is a diverse team of talented and experienced individuals, dedicated to the USU mission in coordinating, initiating, and supporting research related to military health needs, with dual benefit outcomes to improve civilian health. Each member drives this vision by their work to support faculty and students with comprehensive pre-and post-award services, regulatory compliance reviews and approvals, technology transfer support, and core facility resources.

With a combined repertoire of leadership and research experience at federal agencies across the NIH, DoD, and Public Health Service, this team comes from a variety of disciplines and expertise to include dental, nursing, technological innovation, clinical research, and public health. Their diverse disciplines further enhance the variety of research niches at USU and promote USU mission for supporting research that promotes the wellbeing of servicemen and servicewomen.


Mark G. Kortepeter, MD, MPH
Vice President for Research

The USU Vice President for Research leads and oversees the USU Office of Research, which supports a robust portfolio of clinical and basic science research essential to both military and public health. The Vice President spearheads important strategic initiatives, enhancing a culture of interdisciplinary research and collaboration, while establishing national and international research partnerships at the University.

Laura Brosch, PhD, RN
Assistant Vice President for Research Initiatives and Compliance

The Assistant Vice President for Research Initiatives and Compliance (RIC) Division in VPR is responsible for policy, education, management and oversight of USU’s research regulatory compliance programs to include Human Research Protections, Animal Care and Use, Institutional Biosafety, and the use of Human Anatomic Materials. In addition, the AVP RIC Division develops and monitors programs and initiatives to enhance translational research and improve collaborations.

Bruce Doll, PhD, DDS, MBA
Assistant Vice President for Technology, Research, and Innovation

The Assistant Vice President for Technology, Research, and Innovation (TRI) ensures that USU research is supported with advanced biomedical research instrumentation, biomedical research repositories, animal care services, translational research, and technology transfer.

Toya V. Randolph, PhD, MSPH
Assistant Vice President for Research Administration

The Assistant Vice President for the Office of Research Administration (REA) provides comprehensive pre- and post-award research administration services to faculty, staff, and students at USU, and coordinates administrative, scientific, and programmatic reviews to ensure the highest standards of research quality and integrity.