Research and Proposal Savvy via Distance Learning


Name: Joan Turner


Organization: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Performance Site: University of Alabama

Year Published: 1998

Abstract Status: Final


The purpose of this project was to create, implement, and evaluate an asynchronous distance-learning course designed to improve military nurses' grant preparation and proposal development skills and enable them to successfully compete for external funding. The intent was to establish a Web-based program that would provide instruction in material previously taught in TriService Nursing Research Program (TSNRP) on-site workshops.

The Proposal Preparation Skills for Military Nurses (RAPPS) course included a 26-week pilot course offered to six students and a full 39-week course offered three different times to a total of 82 enrolled participants. However, only a total of 15 participants actually completed all course requirements, which included preparing a rudimentary research proposal. A total of nine students succeeded in preparing a research proposal to submit in response to a request for proposals announced by TSNRP.

Attrition of participants was the single biggest problem encountered during this project. We also had difficulty convincing the participants to complete the post-test and course evaluations. We have concluded that such a course should not be offered free of cost to participants because under such circumstances, they have no incentive to complete course requirements. Instead of offering continuing education units (CEUs), we propose that RAPPS be taught as a 6-semester-hour graduate credit course over two semesters. Students who have completed a bachelor's degree in nursing would be eligible to participate. This format would allow military nurses who successfully complete course requirements to be reimbursed for tuition costs.

Final Report is available on NTRL at: