Reports are one of the most important parts of the Grant Award requirements, and are a valuable way to communicate the successes and challenges of an ongoing project. These documents are used to determine if the project should be terminated early, appropriate to receive additional funding, or whether the study team should be considered for a follow-on award.

Report templates are available from the TSNRP grants managers and include specific instructions. Please make sure to follow these instructions and provide complete information for each section. All reports must be signed by the PI (either signed and scanned, or electronically signed) and submitted electronically through the grantee organization to the assigned TSNRP grants manager. We will acknowledge the receipt via email.


The interim report is due six months after the start date of the actual grant agreement (not when the Start Letter was received). This initial report is critical to determine if higher-level engagement from TSNRP could help ensure the project is successful in the beginning stages.


The annual report is required each year of the award, and is due 30 days after the anniversary of the start date of the grant agreement. Information included in the annual report are used to anticipate the potential for modifications to the award and other program-level decisions. If an annual report is due less than 90 days from the end of the Period of Award, an annual report is not needed, and only the final report is required for that final year.


The final report is due 90 days after the study’s end date, and provides a complete summary of the study’s aims and objectives. It is a critical component of the Award Terms and Conditions. Approved Final Reports will be filed and posted to the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), and Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL). Therefore, if the PI is (or was) a government employee during the course of the award and accomplished the work as part of their official capacity, the Final Report must receive approval from the Public Affairs Office (PAO), as the report will be posted on publicly accessible websites. Approval from only one PAO is required (not multiple sites). For additional information about the requirement for PAO approval, refer to Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 5230.09.

Once a report has been received, the grants manager assigned to the project will review it for completeness, and contact the PI, through the grantee organization, for any missing documents or information. Once complete, the grants manager will review the report and then forward to the TSNRP Executive Director for secondary review. The Executive Director may request additional revisions or clarifications, or accept the report as written. Once approved, the grants manager will send the grantee and PI an email stating that the report has been accepted within 90 days of receiving the complete report.


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