TSNRP Mini evidence-based practice (Mini-EBP) awards

A key goal of the TriService Nursing Research Program (TSNRP) is to advance Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) within military nursing. To help accomplish this task, TSNRP has developed a Mini-EBP Award mechanism to provide equipment, training, and supplies in support of nurse-led EBP projects. The project team must include an Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard Nurse. The budget should not exceed $10,000 and projects usually must be completed within one year. Prior to applying for a Mini-EBP Award, please consult with a TSNRP EBP Facilitator. Contact TSNRP’s program manager to initiate a consultation. 

Program Manager: Christine Leyden, christine.leyden.ctr@usuhs.edu

Visit the application portal


Do I need an applicant organization?

No, Mini-EBP Award applicants will not use an applicant organization. The Project Lead (or team member) will request database access and apply for the award. 

I am ready to apply for a Mini-EBP Award, where should I go?

Please click the application portal link above. All relevant instructions are included in the portal. 

I need help with my Mini-EBP application, who can I contact?

All Mini-EBP applicants are required to consult with one of TSNRP's EBP Facilitators. If you have not been assigned a facilitator, please contact TSNRP's Program Manager, Ms. Christine Leyden at christine.leyden.ctr@usuhs.edu.