TSNRP Research and ebp awards

TSNRP supports research on operational or deployment health topics. TSNRP issues two calls for proposals each year. TSNRP funds nurses in all phases of their research careers. Active duty military nurses from the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force are eligible to apply for all awards. Reserve, National Guard, and retired military nurses are eligible to apply for some, but not all, awards. 

The most accurate information can be found on the current Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). For the FY22B Call, TSNRP offered the following award categories. 

  • Graduate Research Award
  • Graduate Evidence-Based Practice Awards
  • Novice Research Award
  • Novice Evidence-Based Practice Award
  • High Priority Award
  • Evidence-Based Practice Award
  • Initial Research Award
  • Follow-on Research Award

All award categories are not accepted at every call. Award categories are subject to change. Please refer to the current FOA for the most accurate descriptions and eligibility requirements for each award category. 

FY22 Calls for TSNRP Research and Evidence-Based Practice Awards are closed. 

Frequently Asked questions

Are there specific application templates?

Please find the templates for application on TSNRP's application portal. You do not need to request access to the portal to view or download forms. Click on the green button to view forms. 

Is there a specific order for the documents?

No, documents will be uploaded into the portal individually. Be sure to label documents correctly. 

Where will the Institution Cover Letter be attached?

The cover letter is now an optional document. 

Is the TSNRP Summary a required document? 

No, the TSNRP Summary document is not longer available. The information captured on the TSNRP Summary document is now entered directly into the application portal.