A History of the Army Nurse Corps


Name: Phyllis Collins

Rank: MAJ, USA

Organization: Henry M. Jackson Foundation

Performance Site:

Year Published: 1994

Abstract Status: Initial


Note: The Original PI was Mary Sarnecky, COL (ret), USA.The overall objective of this research study is to produce an accurate, up-to-date, scholarly history of the Army Nurse Corps (ANC) suitable for publication. The specific aims are to describe the major stages of ANC development, to discuss the context which has surrounded the ANC, to identify the influencing factors that have affected the ANC stature and reputation within the gestalt of nursing, to discover the impact exerted by the ANC upon the nursing profession, and to provide information about lessons learned from past successes and failures. Other aims seek to characterize the experience of the typical ANC officer in each of the eras included in the study, to illustrate the internal and environmental psychosocial forces which have impacted upon the ANC officers in combat, and to scrutinize the changes in technology over the years to determine their effect on the basic skills needed by nurses to go to war. The design of the study follows the historical method. The identified problem which drives the study is the dearth of readily available and clearly understandable historical information about the origins and development of the ANC. The theoretical framework utilized is Bucher's natural history model. Study questions have been developed and are being amended and augmented as the study unfolds. Data relating to the history of the ANC were collected from sites across the country. It was assessed for validity and reliability and entered into a database. All data were organized, integrated, and analyzed. The research report is currently being written. It will be edited and appropriate photographs will be obtained for inclusion in the finished product. The manuscript will then be published. Finally, the increased understanding of past trends, issues, and events in the history of the ANC will be applied to present and future directions. Additionally, consumers of the research will gain an enhanced sense of cohesion, integrity, pride, and inspiration.