Building an EBP Mentorship Program to Sustain Bedside Evidence Based Culture


Name: Sara Breckridge-Sproat

Rank: COL

Organization: The Geneva Foundation

Performance Site: Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Bethesda, MD; National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD

Year Published: 2010

Abstract Status: Final


This innovative program directly and strongly relates to the TSNRP priority of translating research into practice/evidence based practice.  This program will rigorously perform an assessment of WRAMC and NNMC before and after the introduction of the Advancing Research through Close Collaboration (ARCC) Model.  

The primary purpose of this proposal is to test efficacy of a cadre of mentors on EBP organizational culture, readiness, beliefs and implementation by nurses in a military setting.   

The secondary aim of this innovation is to establish psychometric properties of the instruments the three instruments: Organizational Readiness and Culture for System-wide Integration of Evidenced-based Practice (ORSEIP), EBP beliefs (EBPB) and the EBP implementation (EBPI) scales (Melnyk, Fineout-Overholt, & Mays, 2008) in Navy and Army populations.

It is expected that this intervention and program will successfully stimulate and sustain a culture of inquiry and EBP at WRAMC and NNMC.  If it is found to be effective, several next steps are suggested for follow on studies. Potentially this program could serve as a model for other military organizations and disciplines both deployed and in fixed facilities worldwide. Further, as individuals rotate between military organizations in the medical departments, this EBP culture may diffuse to other locations as well as disciplines.  This could eventually help to extend the EBP culture beyond the boundaries of the walls of WRAMC and NNMC as well as the nursing profession.


Final report is available on NTRL at: