CHARS Literature Review and Research Gap Analysis Support for the TriService Nursing Research Program’s Women’s Health Research Interest Group


Name: Jacqueline Rychnovsky

Rank: CAPT

Organization: Naval Health Research Center, San Diego

Performance Site: Naval Health Research Center, San Diego, CA

Year Published: 2015

Abstract Status: Project Completed


The proposed research effort will augment the Consortium on the Health and Readiness of Servicewomen (CHARS) Systemic Literature Review project. The primary research aim is to perform data analyses designed to answer questions about military women’s healthcare utilization and medical and career outcomes, with comparisons across service and military components, as well as with their male colleagues. 

Data analyses will involve examination of existing archival medical and personnel records. Medical records for personnel serving in the military at any point during FY 2001 through FY 2015 will be sought. Records of non-military Military Health System (MHS) beneficiaries will be excluded. This project will utilize personnel and career  performance data of military service members from the Defense Enrollment Eligibility  Reporting System (DEERS); basic demographic information and medical records from the Military Health System Data Repository (MDR); inpatient and outpatient data from the MDRs Standard Inpatient Data Record (SIRD), the Standard Ambulatory Data Record (SADR), the Comprehensive Ambulatory Professional Encounter Record (CAPER) TRICARE Encounter Data Institutional (TED-I); TRICARE Encounter Data Non-Institutional (TED-NI); and pharmacy data from MDRs Pharmacy Data Transaction Service (PDTS). Records of approximately 900,000 active duty women will be analyzed; some analyses will involve comparisons with records of 5.1 million men serving the same time period of interest. 

Thereafter, Naval Health Research Center staff will conduct a series of meetings CHARS researchers, Military Women’s Health Research Interest Group core leaders, Military Health System clinicians and administrators and other experts that will culminate in the preparation of final deliverables, including a recommended research agenda. The overall goal of this effort is to populate an on-line searchable database of pertinent literature to be maintained by TSNRP and the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.


Final Report available on NTRL: