The role of the Brigade on campus is to help students navigate their military and academic roles. We know how difficult it is to balance the curriculum and clinical hours with the military duties expected of our students. We act as the mediator by disseminating information and helping students with many aspects of life, so that students can focus on their studies.

We also provide our students the support and information they need in order to make the transition from civilian life or active-duty to student as smooth as possible. Upon arrival at USU, the Command Sponsorship Program provides students with information and guidance regarding a variety of educational resources, as well as resources to help with my medical, financial, spiritual, physical, career, and familial needs. Our team continually checks on students’ progress, as well as their general state of well-being, throughout their time at USU in order to ensure they are fit and ready to accomplish their educational goals.


More From the Brigade

Learn more about the pay and healthcare benefits you receive as a student, including DoD resources to calculate numbers customized for your own situation.

Military Benefits

Brigade leadership expertly helps students balance their military and academic duties. A wide range of leaders come together to help provide the best guidance possible.


Students need to be supported outside of the work and school too. The Brigade also provides resources for family, spiritual, law, and experts for any questions you might have.


“From the minute I reported to USU, it was clear that my studies were the top priority. The hard-working brigade staff ensured that all distractions and problems were dealt with quickly, sometimes before I even learned about them. Even though my group was located 35 miles away from the USU main campus, the brigade staff made us feel like we were right next door. I received a top quality education without any unneeded stressors.”