Here at USU we understand that the military families serve right along with their Soldier, Sailor, and Airman and we want to empower you to use the programs and services that are offered. Below are resources for personnel and their families.


Like all military chaplains, the USU Chaplain supports students, faculty, staff, and dependents in the free exercise of religion in accordance with DoD policies.  The Office of the Chaplain functions as a portal to religious support and religious activities and retreats located throughout the region, and also manages religious accommodation requests of all kinds, and related to all faith traditions.

The Chaplain is also committed to providing general, supportive psychosocial and spiritual care to all (with complete and unqualified confidentiality), and dedicated to helping everyone in the community strengthen their individual conscience for life and work.  Lastly, in consonance with the greater mission of USU, the USU Chaplain serves as a research resource for active duty chaplains serving throughout the DoD, and provides guidance. 


The Brigade Judge Advocate (BJA) is responsible for advising the Brigade Commander on all legal matters affecting the command, to include ethics, civil law, and military justice. The BJA is the legal advisor to the GSN and SOM Students Promotions Committee, which is the academic advisory bodies to the GSN and SOM Dean. In addition, the BJA provides legal assistance services, to more than 1200 students, staff and faculty members, dependents and retirees, to include advice on wills, POAs, Advanced Directives, notaries, landlord-tenant, and divorce matters. Please contact the JAG office for legal assistance questions or appointments.


The Military Personnel Office (MPO) creates and sustains a work environment that cultivates excellence and supports the university’s goals. We are a source of information, expertise, and advocacy supporting all faculty, staff, and students.

The MPO acts as a liaison service between USU and external entities such as: the Army’s Military Personnel Division (MPD), the Navy’s Personnel Support Detachment (PSD), and the Air Force’s Military Personnel Flight (MPF). We provide Military Personnel Services and assist students with the following:

  • In- and out-processing
  • Military performance reviews
  • Military awards
  • Professional development
  • Military retirement
  • Leave requests
  • Changing State of Legal Residency
  • Name Changes
  • Student finance for Army and Navy
  • Continuation pay (save pay)
  • Medical Bonus Pay
  • Records reviews
  • Promotions
  • Service Computations
  • Transferring services