When enrolled in the School of Medicine, students serve on active duty as commissioned officers in the grade O-1 (i.e. Second Lieutenant in the Army or Air Force, Ensign in the Navy or Public Health Service) with the full pay and allowances of that grade. All services receive the same benefits.

Students who are already active duty and enroll at USU will maintain their current pay and benefits. Even though all medical students enter the School of Medicine as an O-1, they continue receiving the pay and benefits of the highest rank achieved prior to matriculation.



Sample Military Pay Chart


For a detailed salary break-down, use the Regular Military Compensation Calculator with the following inputs:

  • Grade: 0-1
  • Years of Service: <2
  • Tax Filing Status Family Size, Including Yourself: number of people in your family
  • Living OCONUS or Not Receiving BAH: No
  • ZIP Code of your Permanent Duty Station: 20814

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Learn more about the pay types students receive:

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Students receive healthcare for themselves and their families through TRICARE.

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