With the remarkable increase in visibility and expertise of our University faculty, the number of education and research programs involving international collaboration is also on the rise. It is necessary to report and log all of the international programs that faculty members are collaborating in, as well as all international students/scholars who are studying/volunteering/working here at the University.

The Office of Affiliations and International Affairs (OAI) is pleased to provide the electronic format for Form 1325A (USU Proposal for Admitting International Student/Scholar(s) to the School of Medicine (SOM) or Graduate School of Nursing (GSN)) and Form 1325B (USU Proposal for International Research Collaboration or Educational Program).

Form 1325A

Required for any incoming staff (including volunteers) that are foreign nationals without a green card.

Must be approved by all signatories before CHR or HJF can process the required paperwork.

All requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the candidate's start date.

Form 1325B

Required for any international educational program or international research collaboration.

All requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the start date for the program or collaboration.

To access either electronic form, simply click on the form name above. Any questions regarding the 1325A form for incoming foreign nationals should be directed to Bernard Schwartz at bernard.schwartz.ctr@usuhs.edu(link sends e-mail). Any questions regarding the 1325B form for international research collaboration should be directed to Jennifer Stecklein at jennifer.stecklein@usuhs.edu(link sends e-mail).

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