We are a full-service design and production studio offering creative, professional graphic design to the USU community. Our dedicated graphic design professionals work closely with all our clients to enhance their products and generate results. In order to better serve you, we kindly ask those who require our services to contact us early in the project development phase so that we may have ample time to produce quality products and avoid costly or time-consuming delays or mistakes. 

The UMS Graphics Branch provides poster printing, displays, signs, diagrams, figures, charts and graphs for publications and numerous other graphic products. We can create medical/scientific charts, graphs, and text for journal publication, poster session displays, and visual aids for meetings and classroom presentations. We produce detailed publication-quality diagrams in B&W or color, line drawings to supplement teaching programs, accompany articles for publication, or illustrate research displayed in poster sessions. We also create a variety of informational signs, forms, brochures, logos, books, covers, folders, banners, and flyers to support the USU mission and activities.

Please contact us ahead of time to get an approximation of when your project will be completed.

Again, please bear in mind when submitting a new project that we serve the entire USUHS community and therefore may not be able to immediately begin working on your project. Although we seek to meet your production needs as timely and efficiently as possible, we need  your help in doing so. Please contact us at the planning stage of your project. We will help you resolve any technical issues prior to your expending unnecessary time and effort, make suggestions to streamline the process, as well as  give you a better idea when your project will be completed and delivered.

Currently, the majority of graphic design and production work takes place off campus at our Twinbrook location, and as such, precludes us from having walk-in customers at Twinbrook . All work requests can be submitted either online to sends e-mail) or by going to our Customer Service Center located in G070 and filling out a work request form. We urge you to follow up with us by confirming that we received your work request along with your work file(s) and that there are no problems or questions regarding your project. Because our graphic design work takes place off campus, we ask that you factor in additional delivery time (usually a day) to the USUHS campus when considering your turn-around time.

Graphics Branch products include, but are not limited to:

PRINTING AND PRINT DESIGN: Annual Reports, Brochures, Newsletters and Flyers, Catalogs, Publications, Programs, Reports, Booklets, Invitations, Charts, Graphs, Diagrams, Business Cards, Pocket Folders, Media Kits.

POSTERS, DISPLAYS, SIGNS: Displays, Indoor and Outdoor Signage, Banners, Posters, poster sessions


DIGITAL IMAGING SERVICES:  Scanning Services, Image composites


MOUNTING AND FRAMING SERVICES: Awards and certificates


PRESENTATION GRAPHICS: PowerPoint Slide Design, Multimedia Slide Presentations

A number of standard templates for the creation of posters and presentations are available for download from our Branding web page. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or if you have any questions regarding their use.


The Photography Branch provides professional photographic services, including patient photography in a clinical setting, gross specimen photography for pathology and anatomy studies, documentation of research projects, and coverage of University events for public affairs programs. Services include custom printing, digital image enhancement, as well as traditional slide duplication, flat art copy, small object studio subjects, and portraiture services.

Photography Branch products include, but are not limited to:

Patient Photography in a Clinical Setting

Photo Documentation of Research Processes

Stained gels

Western blots


Petri dishes

Gross specimen

Location Photography

Environmental portraits

Laboratory procedures/techniques

Group photos

Ceremonial Photos






Official service photos

Official passport photos (must have orders)

Inanimate object setups

Digital image manipulation

Digital print output

Photo restoration


Flat art or copywork

X-rays or CTs

Film scanning

Digital Imaging

Digital image manipulation

Digital print output


The Video Branch provides studio and remote video tape recording and broadcast services. Extensive editing, titling, and duplication are provided in support of laboratory demonstrations, field exercise documentation, and classroom lectures. Multimedia production is available for the productions of course support materials. The Video Branch provides video recording and broadcast services.

Video products include, but are not limited to:

Video recording/editing



Surgery Suite

Field Exercises

Ceremonial/Historical Events

Audio recording/editing

CD/DVD duplication and custom labeling

Multimedia production is available for course support materials.

Online work requests


Contact Information

Graphic Design Division Chief

Patrice Bolte(link sends e-mail)
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Phone: (301) 295-5273

Multimedia Design Chief

Cathy Hemelt(link sends e-mail)
Phone: (301) 295-4371

For General Information

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