Readiness Instrument Psychometric Evaluation


Name: Carol Reineck

Rank: COL, USA

Organization: Henry M. Jackson Foundation

Performance Site: Darnall Army Community Hospital, Fort Hood, TX

Year Published: 1998

Abstract Status: Initial


The purpose of the pilot study is to construct and evaluate the psychometric properties of an instrument to measure Individual Readiness among Army Nurse Corps (ANC) officers. This study is Phase 2 of a research program to establish a reliable and valid instrument for indexing the degree to which military nursing staff members are prepared for the expectations and rigors of deployment, Phase 1 was a TSNRG funded qualitative study, 1996-97, in which concept clarification took place as focus groups defined individual readiness and described dimensions of the construct. Content analysis from focus groups suggested that individual readiness is "a dynamic concept with dimensions at the individual, group, and system levels which, together, influence one's ability to prepare to accomplish the mission." Six dimensions of individual readiness were identified as (1) Clinical Nursing Competency; (2) Operational Competency; (3) Soldier/Survival Skills; (4) Personal/Psychosocial/Physical Readiness; (5) Leadership and Administrative Support; and (6) Group Integration and Identification.The measurement framework for the investigator-constructed instrument is both norm-referenced and criterion referenced. Items in the norm referenced mode are constructed to achieve maximum variance. Items in the criterion-referenced mode are expected to demonstrate less variance. The instrument measures self-report of cognition, affect, psychomotor skills, and physical functioning.Internal consistency and test-retest reliability will be estimated. Validity will be estimated with Content Validity and factor analysis. The sample for psychometric testing will be representative of the demographics of active component ANC personnel to allow sufficient investigation of the instrument's reliability, validity, and ease of administration. One focus group will be convened after quantitative analysis to provide suggestions on instrument practicality, format, administration, and utility.